ACL Reconstruction

At Movement State, we have dedicated countless hours developing post operative protocols that will enable our patients to return to sport safely.

Recovering from ACL surgery is extremely complex and having a team that specializes in ACL rehab is imperative.

We take a methodical approach to ACL rehab, and will consistently reassess knee range of motion, muscle strength, gait mechanics, balance, power output, and sport performance to help you reach your goals. We have invested in the proper equipment that will help our patients meet their post operative milestones and goals. We utilize several tools that will help expedite recovery including the Mtrigger biofeedback device, blood flow restriction training, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, Vasopneumatic compression cold therapy, and follow strength and conditioning principles to help progress our patients. Our patients often are seen using the leg press machine, performing back squats in the rack, deadlifting, and practicing their agilities to help facilitate a safe return to sport and a reduced risk of reinjury. To better decipher if a patient is fully released, a multifactorial assessment will be performed including several single leg hop tests, agility examination, strength assessment and a force output test. Our priority is to help patients return to the activities they love at 100% and without limitations.

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